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My 11 Forgotten Laws Review | My 11 Forgotten Laws Review

My 11 Forgotten Laws Review

11 Forgotten Laws Review

11 forgotten laws reviewWhile I would like to tell you in my 11 Forgotten Laws Review that I was hooked on this program and knew that it was going to be stellar straight out of the box, I feel the need to be honest. I had no intention of buying the 11 Forgotten Laws. Bob Proctor was a big turn off for me when I watched “The Secret” and I honestly think that he comes off kind of salesy or like a televangelist.

What got me to buy the 11 Forgotten Laws and follow through with this program? Well, part of it was my desire to create a better life for myself. That’s pretty much a no-brainer. That is basically why anyone gets into the Law of Attraction. We all want more of something. But what tipped the scales for me was the introductory offer to check out the 11 Forgotten Laws for $5. That left me with very little risk and an opportunity to check it out for myself without having to risk getting ripped off. If it was garbage I would ask for a refund. If it was quality and I felt that Bob Proctor could help me to achieve my goals then I would fork over the remaining balance once the introductory period was over. Below is the same offer that was granted to me that is now being given to you.

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With that being said, here is my 11 Forgotten Laws review. I’ll give you an overview, what I think is good about it and the areas that I have a problem with. I do have a background in the Law of Attraction, have found some success in using the LOA so I’m not a complete novice but I am by no means a “master” or “guru” but it is what it is, right?


The 11 Forgotten Laws Review – Overview

I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time in this 11 Forgotten Laws Review telling you who Bob Proctor is or what the Law of Attraction is all about. I won’t bore you. Chances are you already know that stuff.

What I will tell you in this 11 Forgotten Laws review is what you will get when you pick up this program. You’ll get a series of videos covering all 11 laws, a ton of mp3′s that you can load into your ipod or play on your computer. You’ll get the transcripts from the mp3′s in case you want to read over what was said. I found this particularly helpful in helping to really let this stuff sink in and you will also get a copy of the book Working With The Law of Attraction, which is like the Bible of the Law of Attraction.

This really is a lot of information in a lot of different formats so you can pretty much immerse yourself into the Law of Attraction. There are worksheets that you can and should do and the multiple formats will allow you to really get the most from the 11 Forgotten Laws. You can just kick back and watch the videos or if you enjoy reading before you go to bed at night you can read the book or do the worksheets or listen to the mp3′s.


The 11 Forgotten Laws Review – The Bad News

Ok, the bad news about the 11 Forgotten Laws for me really has to be Bob Proctor himself. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and he has helped many people but for me, he will always come off as a bit cheesy. He always sounds like a televangelist and that is a big turnoff for me. In spite of this fact, I found myself both entertained and have to admit that he is a dynamic speaker and it could be a lot worse. There are other types of speakers that grate on my nerves a lot worse and after a while I have to say that I grew to like him, his demeanor and I found his delivery to be riveting as I sat and watched videos over and over again.

You wanted an honest 11 Forgotten Laws review, right? Bob Proctor comes off as a bit of a weenie but I did grow to like his style, but don’t tell anyone!


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The 11 Forgotten Laws Review – The Good News


The good news in this 11 Forgotten Laws review is that this really is pretty good stuff. This is information that I hadn’t really heard anywhere else and it was broken down into bite sized chunks and explained in a manner that you will find very easy to understand and work into your life. The multiple formats will make it very easy for you to digest this information and become engaged in moving forward with using the 11 Forgotten Laws.

The really good news that you will find in this 11 Forgotten Laws review is that there is an absolute ton of information in this program. At this point, I have been reading, watching videos and listening to mp3’s for over a week and I am not even halfway through. It isn’t a bunch of fluff though!


The 11 Forgotten Laws Review – My Conclusion

I headed into this 11 Forgotten Laws review fearing the worst and pretty sure that the entire program would just be a rehash of The Secret or that there would be a lot of fluff. Like I said at the beginning of this 11 Forgotten Laws review, I wasn’t too keen on Bob Proctor but he grew on me and I actually enjoy the videos and the mp3’s. I feel that I am getting a lot out of the 11 Forgotten Laws. As far as tangible changes? Yes, I can see a change in my attitude and even a small increase in my income.
The only sticking point that I found in my 11 Forgotten Laws review was the price. Although I felt that the base price was a little high, I got in (and you can too) on a $5 evaluation deal. I am glad that I did and I felt no regret once I saw the amount of information, the quality of the information and this was exactly what I was looking for. I could have bought several other courses for the price but I doubt they would have been as all-encompassing as the 11 Forgotten Laws.
So, if you want to take the 11 Forgotten Laws for a test drive for $5 like I did just click on the link below.


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the 11 forgotten laws review

I hope you have enjoyed this 11 Forgotten Laws review and that it helps you to understand what’s inside the 11 Forgotten Laws.

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