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My 11 Forgotten Laws Review http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org Read my 11 Forgotten Laws Review by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey Tue, 17 Jul 2012 03:18:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.4.1 The Power Of Thought http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/the-power-of-thought.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/the-power-of-thought.html#comments Tue, 22 May 2012 01:28:27 +0000 Brent http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=177 I’d like to share with readers the personal experience about the power of thought conviction. That is, that our wishes always come true.

My first experience, I perceived as a miracle, and later when I started looking for answers to their questions in the books. I understand. that is the power of visualization.

I have three children. Our eldest daughter at the age of three years was found epilepsy. Over time, the disease became worse. I began reading scientific literature about the disease, trying to find a way out and to cure our child. Official medicine promised no hope for improvement. It was necessary to take strong medications. I was afraid of side effects from them.

The cause of this disease physicians also could not discover or cure. We drove our daughter to the monasteries and churches, believing that priests might be able to help. But the disease grew worse. My daughter was already 6 years old and the time had arrived for her to go to school.

To school she went. She studied fine, but the attacks continue, especially in the Moon. I am desperately looking out, looking for a method of healing.

When my daughter was 9 years old, I came up with a very clear idea that if I give birth to a third child, my daughter would recover. My second child is also a girl, two years younger. And then I got pregnant.

The belief that Lisa would be cured was so strong that there was never any shadow of doubt. I felt in my thoughts and in my head that she was healthy. And my thoughts are really materialized and even faster than I expected.

The attacks stopped almost immediately after I began to wear under my heart the way our third child… a boy.

We now forget about epilepsy as if it were nightmare. Our eldest daughter has successfully graduated from high school, went to university, and this year has already receive a diploma from the university as an English translator.

I hope my story will inspire those who are desperate to fight a disease. Believe, dream, have unbending intent to achieve their dreams, and all turn out.

Good luck, health and welfare of all our readers. With love Nellie.

Editor’s note…. this account is real. It is a true story and one that I had heard before from both of Nellie’s daughters. This article was originally written in Russian and I have done my best to translate it while keeping the essence of the original author’s words intact. While most of us Americans are busy trying to learn about the power of thought and intention, Nellie and her daughters live it every day… it is a part of them every bit as real as their hands, arms, eyes and the nose on their beautiful faces. Thank you and I hope we get to read more from Nellie, Sasha, Liza and Yuri. Good luck!

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Can The Miracle Mind Method Really Help You? http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/can-the-miracle-mind-method-really-help-you.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/can-the-miracle-mind-method-really-help-you.html#comments Mon, 07 May 2012 05:12:10 +0000 Brent http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=171 What’s Inside The Miracle Mind Method Anyhow?

miracle mind methodWhat is the Miracle Mind Method all about anyhow? The thought of living the life of your dreams sounds great. Of course, this would sound great to anyone. Everybody want to live the life of their dreams but how realistic is it to think that the Miracle Mind Method could bring you everything that you dreamed of? You don’t want to get your hopes up but you’re interested, right? I know that I was also.

But in the past you’ve gotten burnt. You got your hopes up over the latest and greatest Law of Attraction book and you’re worried that the Miracle Mind Method will be the same. You’ll get all excited at first and they you either lose focus or you find that the course that you just bought into is just a bunch of theory. Sure, you understand how the Law of Attraction works. You have read books on it and even a child could understand the theory. But time after time things just seem to miss the mark and you’re sure that the Miracle Mind Method is the same. Or is it?

What Do You Get Inside The Miracle Mind Method?

What the Miracle Mind Method does is give you a step by step method for taking your dreams from your brain and bringing them into your life. There isn’t a whole lot of time spent on the theory behind how these methods work and it’s more of a hands on course for people who are looking for results. Everything is broken down into bit sized chunks that build one upon the other with simple things that you can start doing right away to bring your dreams into your reality.

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Everything from methods to help you really discover what it is that you want in your life to creating customized methods to get you there are included in the Miracle Mind Method. It’s almost like someone taking you by the hand and forcing you to lay out your goals and the steps that you need to achieve your goals which is where most self help book and courses fall short, in my opinion. Anyone can explain how manifestion works and what you should be doing in vague terms but I have yet to see anyone offer advice on the specific steps that you can take to bring those dreams into your reality.

The Down Side Of The Miracle Mind Method

living the life of your dreamsWhile the Miracle Mind Method isn’t perfect and nobody can force you to use these methods, it is different than just about anything that I’ve seen before. You might think that some of the stuff is kind of corny or weird and there might be times when you feel like skipping steps or not using certain methods that Chris Cains suggests but the truth is that you will find more success more quickly if you just devote yourself to these methods and push your pride and ego aside.

The Miracle Mind Method does come in audio format also. This should make it easy for you to listen to the information when you’re either just too tired to read or you can utilize time spent driving back and forth to work to digest this information. Either load the mp3′s into your ipod or burn them to a cd and you can take them anywhere or listen to each lesson when you would otherwise be doing nothing important to bring yourself closer to your dreams.

***Click Here To Learn More About The Miracle Mind Method***

You might ask if the Miracle Mind Method works and if I have found success with Chris Cains course. I will tell you that I have used these methods and the scary part is that they do work and they do work very quickly. The only down side that I have found is that when I do slack off and go back to doing things my own way, the success dissapears also. I guess it is a matter of habit and when I want it enough I have little problem in devoting time each day in listening to the recordings and doing what Chris Cains suggests. And then when things are going my way, I guess I get all cocky, go back to my own way of doing things and life knocks me down a peg or two. Don’t let this happen to you when you’re working through the Miracle Mind Method, ok?

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Using Your Heart To Heal Your Soul http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/using-your-heart-to-heal-your-soul.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/using-your-heart-to-heal-your-soul.html#comments Sun, 22 Apr 2012 03:10:34 +0000 Sasha Khamardyuk http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=163 Believing In Your Heart…

believe in your heartTake a look around. The world is beautiful. Why do we so often make mistakes in life, in relationships with someone we love, work, family, or feel that we just can not deal with ourselves? We can not understand what we want and are constantly striving for in life and what we want to achieve. Very often we feel that we can not make the right choice and then we lose heart. We do not know what to do next. We are confused and we often go look for advice from friends, acquaintances, employees, and so on. . .

We look for good advice. . . We are waiting for someone’s special attention, special treatment for ourselves. We want support and validation. . . we sometimes think that someone else knows better how to live our life and someone can give us better advice. So we often listen to others. We attach great importance to others and this is why we very often make mistakes in our daily lives.

Believing Your Heart First…

Why do we think that someone can give us the right advice in solving our problems at work or who you might better define the problem in conflicts with other. Maybe someone can give us better advice about our relationship with our children. . . No, no one knows better than you what the root of your problem, conflict, bad mood, or stress is. We do not know how to solve our problems only because we do not listen to the cry of our hearts. . .

Always try to listen to what our heart is trying to tell us. . . It never lies. . . Our heart always give us the right advice in solving any problem. Listen to yourself and your heart as often as possible. Try to talk with yourself and success in everything will be waiting for you. Your heart will always tell you the direction to go. All you have to do is believe in it. . . . Believe that you can find the right solution to any problem. . .

Very often we go on our lives, the place of our work, we were annoyed by people who surround us, or people who work with us. We do not like the way they treat us. We are sometimes annoyed with the weather. We are annoyed at the rain that comes at the most inopportune time. This happens with most of us, I think. . And it is not because life is so bad. It is our attitude to these things.

Live With Love In Your Heart…

gods heart in natureChange your views on these things and life in general will be kinder and more positive. Do not succumb to provocations of others who are in a bad mood. They are simply trying to unload their anger at themselves upon you. . . do not be offended by such people. Be patient with people and with yourself. . . Be kinder to people and always be looking for the positive attributes in their character and appearance. . . It is important for your harmony with your self. . . .

Take a look around. . Go to outside, to the park or to the lake. Look at how beautiful everything is that surrounds us. The whole of nature created by God… the trees, the smell of the flowers, a gentle warm breeze, bright sun which warms us in the spring and summer. . Warms our souls. . Birds that sing in the morning so wonderfully. Learn to love everything that surrounds us and enjoy every moment of your life and just be thankful to God for the living moments of your life and for the happiness that you experience. . . Enjoy your work and all you’re doing, even if if it’s just a little, even if it is something that you do every day. Do everything with love.

Dream From Your Heart Again…

The nature that surrounds us gives us a lot of positive energy. . Health and happiness that we so need is all around us. . Just think how nice it will be to sit by the lake, to dream, to visualize your desires. . . Or just look at the water. The water gives us a lot of good energy and at the same time takes away the negative feelings that have accumulated in us. Spend more time in silence with nature and with yourself. . And you know, life really is beautiful with all its obstacles and difficulties, all the problems your life. . With your thoughts and your heart you can do whatever you want but the main thing is to believe in their capabilities.

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What Is Love? http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/what-is-love.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/what-is-love.html#comments Fri, 13 Apr 2012 03:40:11 +0000 Brent http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=154 What Is Love To You?

loveLove is … what do you think that it is? This is a frequently asked question … but everyone is responsible for his own interpretation of what love is… how he feels and understands that word … When we hear the word love we often think of the love between a man and a woman; about their relationship and so on …. Love is a very broad concept.

Love can be for a mother, father or brother. We love our family … we love a certain time of year, we have favorite things that we love, and so on ….

Love For A Dear Friend…

We have love for a friend who is very dear to us. This is a spiritual love as we understand it. Maybe there is affection and we enjoy talking and we feel comfortable around a particular person … There are people who understand each other without words and who seemingly communicate on a spiritual or emotional level … they are friends; they help each other, support each other and trust all their thoughts, plans, dreams and share everything in their souls with each other.

The Emotion In Love…

trust loveLove between people is often ruled by emotion. While the mind is in standby mode, sometimes love is not immune to common sense. We don’t think “how to be better, what will people think if I’m with this person?” or “will this relationship benefit me or not?” When love lives in the heart and there is true affection or even true love, we don’t worry about what others might think. We don’t worry about such things as “should I bother with this person? They have a bad reputation. People will say it is bad, I shouldn’t talk with a person who behaved improperly in the past.”

Very often we look at a person’s status in society; how he dressed and acts etc …. we don’t let our real feelings awakened within us. We are driven by the thought that “this person really likes me,” and this we prove that our ego is stronger than us … but why when we like a person, like their soul, their actions, how they think, we treat them as if they were just a number?

Often young people first judge a person by their clothes, where they work or what kind of car they drive … for many, all of this is very important and it makes sense to them. Yes, to some extent I think it makes sense, but this shouldn’t be of primary importance. The truth is that when we think, we are governed by our ego, which is only trying to confuse us. Can you talk? Do you get along? This communication with the person who you are drawn to should be of primary importance …

Intending To Love…

Love, like any other goal is easy to reach by intention. It is a dream that can be realized…. a desire to help each other and improve each other’s lives. If this is your goal, know that you can achieve anything in your life…

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Love is like the wind that you can not you see and you can not hear – but you feel it in every cell in your body and in your very heart and with every fiber of your soul … The main thing is what you feel it and follow it and not what your mind says. Ignore your ego that says “This isn’t right. This isn’t love and you shouldn’t be doing this” …. The best guide for making decisions in love or making a choice … first listen to your heart. It tells you the correct decision …. and you will always make the right choice …. Trust only yourself; your heart; it knows the truth …… and everything will turn out …. even better than you expected …))))

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Live The Life Of Your Dreams And Protect Your Certain Future http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/live-the-life-of-your-dreams-and-protect-your-certain-future.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/live-the-life-of-your-dreams-and-protect-your-certain-future.html#comments Wed, 11 Apr 2012 03:52:49 +0000 Brent http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=146 Live The Life Of Your Dreams

live the life of your dreamsYou really can live the life of your dreams and our dreams are like the coming attractions to our future life. Every dream that you have is important to you. Every aspect of your life that you might wish to change, mold and cultivate spells out what your life is going to be like next year, next month, next week or even a few hours from now. So, why would you let someone kill your future of living the life of your dreams?

Each dream, thought, goal or plan that you might have should be precious to you. You might even think of your dreams as your babies. Think of them like newborn children that you wish to protect and keep from harm as they grow and strengthen and mature. Now, you wouldn’t let anyone harm one of your children, would you? The same should apply to your dreams and thoughts where you live the life of your dreams and exactly what you want your life to be like.

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Far too many people allow their dreams to be destroyed by others. Far too many people allow other people or their own mind to stand between them and living the life of their dreams. They murder that which should be so precious to them. How? The certain doom of some of the most wonderful dreams might be placed into the hands of the very people that we trust the most. Often we place our future into the hands of people that we might know and love but who may not really have our best interests at heart. Our own friends and family might laugh or point out flaws in our dreams. As a result, we become disheartened. We mourn the death of our dream and we go back to living our dull, drab life just the way that they want us to.

When You Feel You’ll Never Live The Life Of Your Dreams

live the life you dream aboutLikewise, we might have times when we become frustrated with ourself or feel inadequate. We also might subconsciously fear the change that will happen in our life if we do go after our dreams and we do succeed. While this might sound a little bit crazy, the easiest thing to do is to dream and never do anything about it. The easiest thing to do is to let that dream die and continue to live the life that we have always lived. Knowing what to expect every day is easier than allowing ourself to forge ahead into the unknown where we might possibly fail to live the life of our dreams.

So, what should we do to protect our dreams? What can we do to keep our dreams alive as they grow into the life that we truly want? Well, even though you might be very excited and enthusiastic about your desire to live the life of your dreams, be selective who you share your dreams with. Share your dreams, your goals and your precious thoughts only with those that you know for sure will support you. Seek out a like minded friend or family member that truly loves you and supports you to share your dreams with. Ignore anyone that belittles you for dreaming. Keep your dreams safe from those that might tell you that you’re being unrealistic or that your dream is foolish. In this world nothing is impossible and I firmly believe that there isn’t anything that a single individual can’t acheive. If it can be thought in the mind, it can be lived in your life.

Care For Yourself And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Now, if you find yourself becoming disheartened and feeling down, try to be patient with yourself. Speak to yourself kindly and know that we all have these times in our life when we aren’t quite so positive and optimisitic. Understand that this moment will pass and seek refuge in your dreams. Know that your future is based upon your thoughts and dreams and the sooner you are past this difficult moment you are having, the sooner your life will begin to change and you will move towards living the life of your dreams. Be kind to yourself or seek out the help of a close friend to help you through this difficult time. After all, that is what true friendship is about, right?

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No matter how lofty your dreams might be or how difficult times are, you need to keep your dreams safe and protected from harm. Ignore those who tell you that you can’t life the life of your dreams even if that person is yourself. Surround yourself with your dreams, reminders of your dreams and know in your heart that your life is constantly improving thanks to spending time each day thinking, dreaming and taking action as you move every day towards ensuring you live the life of your dreams and creating the life that you dream about.

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Knowing When The Law Of Attraction Is Working http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/knowing-when-the-law-of-attraction-is-working.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/knowing-when-the-law-of-attraction-is-working.html#comments Mon, 09 Apr 2012 15:47:27 +0000 Brent http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=138 When The Law Of Attraction Works…

knowing the law of attraction is workingWe all wish that we knew when the Law of Attraction is working. We all have our dreams that we dream and experiences that we wish to live out in our lives. We spend quiet time nurturing those dreams; planning for the day when those dreams will come to fruition. But how can you know for sure that the Law of Attraction is working? Can you know for sure that your dreams will come true?

Is there a certain feeling that tells us that the Law of Attraction or God or the Universe has heard our call? What are the signs that all is well and that our dream will come true? For some, this can be a stumbling block and for others that are in tune with their intuition, knowing that the Law of Attraction is working.

Emotions Tied To The Law of Attraction

We believe that there is indeed a feeling or emotion that is tied to the Universe’s response to our dreams. It comes sometimes in the form of overwhelming joy, warmth or an undenyable feeling that in spite of circumstances, what we dream will come to be. Sometimes it is a gentle whisper during a quiet moment of reflection or prayer and then other times it can be a rush of emotions that tell us that what we wish for is on its way to us.

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For me, it has been felt many times and the results were always the same. I had prayed, dreamed or been thinking intently on a certain wish when I was overcome with a sense of peace that told me not to doubt and to simply wait. I had all the confidence in the world that what I had wished for was to be even though the dream might have been unbelieveable to anyone else. Even though the circumstances were beyond my control and the odds of success were astronomical, I knew in my heart that the Law of Attraction was working and that I would soon be living my dream, and I did!

The Joy Of Knowing The Law Of Attraction Is Working…

making the law of attraction workFor my best friend, the same experiences were felt in her life when the universe or God acknowledged that her dreams were to come true. She experienced great joy and happiness as if she had already experienced that which she had been dreaming about. She knew without a doubt that her dreams would come true because she felt great joy within her heart and she felt as if she already had that which she dreamed about. Again, in spite of obstacles and circumstances, she knew that her dream would come true.


So, it is our belief thanks to our own life experiences that you can tell when the Law of Attraction is working. Your thoughts and dreams become your reality and it is not only possible but perhaps it should be a goal to dream with such intensity that you know for sure that your dreams will be manifested in your reality.

The Law Of Attraction Working In Your Life

What do you have to lose? Experiencing the joy that your dreams will bring before you can see them with your eyes is still joy, isn’t it? You can feel it in your heart. Your body reacts to it the same as if you are actually living that dream. A smile comes to your face. You feel happiness. For a short while your dream springs to life in your mind and satisfies the longing that you have to live that dream and the universe answers thank to the Law of Attraction working in your life.

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So, dream wild dreams! Set lofty goals and throw off the grim reality and circumstances that make you doubt. Be happy and know that your life can be as wonderful as you wish and here you have the proof that you might need to begin to create the life that you deserve. You need not be hindered by negative thoughts or limiting beliefs about what your life should be like. Think positively and don’t let the bad thoughts come to your mind. Push past the pessimism and dark thoughts that hinder you and dream until you feel that joy in your heart that tells you that the Law of Attraction is working and your dreams can come true.

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Be Shocked When Using The Law Of Attraction http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/be-shocked-when-using-the-law-of-attraction.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/be-shocked-when-using-the-law-of-attraction.html#comments Wed, 04 Apr 2012 21:17:13 +0000 Brent http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=127 Using The Law Of Attraction

using the law of attractionMaybe you’ve had some luck in using the Law of Attraction. Maybe you’ve been able to manifest a few small things using the Law of Attraction or maybe you’ve managed to manifest something into your life that has left little doubt in your mind that using the Law of Attraction works. But, did you know that your attitude can make or break you when it comes to bringing some of those really big, heartfelt desires into your heart.

What should your attitude be when using the Law of Attraction? I always felt that it should be one of waiting expectantly for the arrival of whatever it is that you are trying to manifest. You should be living as if whatever you are trying to manifest with the Law of Attraction is already heading your way. You should be living as if you have already obtained that which you are trying to manifest.

What To Think When Using The Law Of Attraction

For instance, if it is a new car or a certain amount of cash in your bank account, you should be able to visualize that car or that bank account so vividly in your life that you wind up almost shocked when you walk out of your house and see your old car. Or, you become confused when you look at your checking account balance and see that there isn’t quite as much money in there that you had visualized.

The truth is that most of us are pummeled on a daily basis by what life dishes out. Each and every one of us would like to think that we are really good at keeping our attitude in check and being positive and optimistic on a daily basis about our future success when it comes to love, money, business success, career success or even just bringing that new set of golf clubs into our life that we dream about. But we all falter and we all have days when we struggle to stay positive. Maybe it’s a threatening letter from a bill collector or being snubbed by the one that we love that sends us reeling instead of steadily moving forward when using the Law of Attraction.

Staying More Positive When Using The Law Of Attraction

steps to using the law of attractionWhat can we do to stay more positive and optimistic about our goals and dreams when using manifesting on a daily basis? What can we do to ensure our success and have fun at the same time? Are there any tricks to using the Law of Attraction and finding the kind of success that we are dreaming of?

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One thing that I really enjoy is to not only dream about or visualize about obtaining my goal by using the Law of Attraction but also imagine how I’m going to feel when I realize that I have achieve my goal. How shocked will I be when I suddenly realize that things are playing out in my life exactly as I planned? Will I see it coming or will I be so wrapped up on the journey towards my goal that I don’t realize that I am living the life that I manifested by using the Law of Attraction? This is just one aspect of using the Law of Attraction that I believe many people leave out, but this can be a powerful emotion that can move your dreams along when using the Law of Attraction that I think many people are afraid to use.

Emotions When Using The Law Of Attraction

Sure, it’s important to live as if you have already achieve your goals and that they are in your life but harnessing that powerful emotions of shock, surprise, elation and joy are very powerful and positive emotions that you can use to help you along the way in using the Law of Attraction. Limiting yourself only to dry, unemotional lists of what you want to achieve by using the Law of Attraction can be quite limiting if not perhaps even set yourself up for failure when trying to manifest the life of your dreams.

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You do know that it is the emotions behind your manifesting that make using the Law of Attraction so powerful. Without those emotions you are only trying to jump start a care with no gas in it? Sure, it might act like it’s running for a few seconds and it might even run on some of the fumes from that empty gas tank but if you truly hope to get good at using the Law of Attraction then you need to put some emotions behind it.

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The Miracle Mind Method Review Without The Fluff http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/the-miracle-mind-method-review-without-the-fluff.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/the-miracle-mind-method-review-without-the-fluff.html#comments Wed, 14 Mar 2012 03:35:04 +0000 Brent http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=117 Miracle Mind Method Review

miracle mind methodI know that when I was looking for a good Miracle Mind Method review I had a hard time understanding exactly what this program was all about. Are you still unsure yourself? Does it have anything to do with the Law of Attraction? What makes it different from any of the other books or series out there that promise to help you get what you want in life whether that be more wealthy, peace, love or that new Porsche 911 that you’ve dreamed of?

You can read another Miracle Mind Method review and walk away still unsure of what’s inside Chris Cains’ book. What is this all about anyhow? Does the Miracle Mind Method actually work and what kind of success have others had with using Chris Cains’ methods? That is what I’m going to answer for you in this Miracle Mind Method review and I’m not going to pull any punches with you. You deserve to know the truth!

Miracle Mind Method Review – What The Heck Is It?

The Miracle Mind Method is a system created by Chris Cains that is loosely based on the Law of Attraction. The information is broken up into several sections and comes in Adobe pdf format as well as mp3′s so you can either read or listen to the information. Whatever suits your style. The chapters aren’t overly lengthy but they are pretty much right to the point and there isn’t a whole lot of fluff. Oh, and there are also exercises. You read the lesson or listen to the mp3 and then do the exercise for that lesson. At least that is my recommendation for this Miracle Mind Method review.

Chris Cains course promises to help you achieve any goal through the use of switch words and other techniques to train your mind for success. While this might sound kind of obscure or weird, all I can say is just do what the guy says. He knows what he’s talking about. No matter what your goal is, Chris Cains claims that his methods can help you achieve that goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s bringing more money into your life, love, happiness, peace, he claims that these methods can help you to get there and fast.

Miracle Mind Method Review – What Makes It Different?

miracle mind method reviewWhat really makes Chris Cains course different in my opinion is that all of this is actionable content. It is my opinion in this Miracle Mind Method review that this is one of the few courses that I have found that actually has instructions on what you need to do. There’s no guessing or trying to work some oscure theory of the Law of Attraction into your life. There is no fluff and you’re not going to get a whole bunch of big words thrown at you that will make you feel dumb or just confuse you about what to do.

***Click Here For A More In-Depth Look At Chris Cains Miracle Mind Method***

One of the things that you’ll probably really like about this course and one of the main reasons why I am telling you about this course in this Miracle Mind Method review is that it’s just plain easy. You don’t have to understand how the Law of Attraction works or what is actually going on in your subconscious. All you have to do is follow the steps as laid out by Chris Cains. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time out of your day. Each chapter isn’t very long but it’s all stuff that you can use. Sure, there are a couple of stories to bring a point home but it’s mostly about what you need to do, what you are accomplishing by doing this step and what kind of results you can expect.

Miracle Mind Method Review – Can It Really Work For You?

chris cains miracle mind methodThis is sort of where the rubber meets the road in this Miracle Mind Method review, isn’t it? This program can be all cool and great and easy but if you’re not going to get any results then what’s the sense, right? You should know then that these methods have worked for many famous and successful people, as you will learn in Chris Cains books. Some use these methods unknowingly while others have found success simply by follow The Miracle Mind Method itself.

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You might ask if I personally have found any success in using these methods. Well, I wouldn’t be writing a Miracle Mind Method review if I hadn’t. Yes, I have noticed changes in my life and success in two different areas that I concentrated on using these methods before writing this Miracle Mind Method review. But will you find the same kind of success? It is my contention that you will find the same kind of success if not better since I used these methods in stops and starts. Although I can’t promise anything and nobody can in life, I saw significant changes in my life that I directly attribute to using these methods and that is why I wanted to spread the word in this Miracle Mind Method review.

Miracle Mind Method Review – What Do You Need To Do Next?

The best way to find out for sure if Chris Cains methods will work for you is to try them out yourself. Check out the website, watch the free video and decide for yourself if you want to give these methods a try. The video is actually pretty cool and I liked not only the content but the cool way that it was put together with the fast hand drawing. But it also helped me to realize that I do deserve the things that I want in my life. I do deserve a better life and I am working in that direction.

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For you, if you are even the least bit interested in building a better life for yourself then you owe it to yourself and those you love to at least check it out. You will feel empowered and have a rock solid direction for your life along with the tools to start making things happen in your life thanks to this information. This isn’t a lot of hype and if you pass this one by you might look back a year from now and wish that you had at least given it a try. You will remember this Miracle Mind Method review and wish that you had given yourself the opportunity to succeed in life like so many others have before you.

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When Things Just Click And How The Law Of Attraction Works http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/when-things-just-click-and-how-the-law-of-attraction-works.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/when-things-just-click-and-how-the-law-of-attraction-works.html#comments Tue, 06 Mar 2012 04:05:24 +0000 Brent http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=109 How The Law Of Attraction Works 101

how the law of attraction worksDo you wonder how the Law of Attraction works? Have you ever tried using the Law of Attraction to achieve a goal or even in your everyday life just to improve your day? Have you ever noticed that there are days when it seems as if anything that can go wrong will and then there are days when everything just seems to click? The Law of Attraction works the same way in both cases.

You see, it really doesn’t matter if you believe in it at all to see how the Law of Attraction works. Manifesting works whether you are conscious of it or not. Whether you are trying to use the Law of Attraction or not, it is at work in the lives of those of us who are aware of what is going on and those that have no idea that there is even such a thing as the Law of Attraction.

Murphy’s Law And How The Law Of Attraction Works

You have heard of Murphy’s Law. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Everybody has heard of this. If you are focusing on Murphy’s Law then you are kind of using the Law of Attraction to bring those things that you are afraid will go wrong into your life. Those little annoying things like hitting every red light on the way to work, getting stuck behind a slow driver, picking the wrong line at the toll booth and then finding that there isn’t a convenient parking space at work might make you feel as if the world is conspiring against you. The truth is that you are conspiring against yourself and this is an example of how the Law of Attraction works.

By focusing on the negative or the things that could possibly go wrong as your day gets off to a bad start you are actually bringing those things into existence. Even if you aren’t quite sure of what could go wrong, I still believe that it is possible to produce enough negative energy with your thoughts to allow the Law of Attraction to create situations that will further hinder the progress of your day. If you are thinking “delays” then the universe delivers and sometimes in a big way if you are producing enough negative energy. So, do you still doubt that the Law of Attraction works?

How The Law Of Attraction Works In A Positive Way

law of attraction worksInversely, have you ever had days when you feel like you can’t do a thing wrong? Have you ever had a day when things just seem to click? No matter what you touch it turns to gold and no matter what you think, it happens. Things begin to fall your way and this is when you are using the Law of Attraction in the way that most people think of.

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But, how do you replicate that feeling or those kinds of results on a daily basis. Is it really possible to harness the Law of Attraction and replicate that feeling? Is it possible to live in that sort of state? Some say that it is possible to live constantly in a state where your day doesn’t spin out of control and you are able to manifest circumstances and opportunities in your life at will by using the Law of Attraction.

That is the goal of learning how to use the Law of Attraction to improve your life. There are people that have mastered using the Law of Attraction to manifest both small and large things in their life to varying degrees. Sometimes things come quickly while other times it might take years and the goal may be almost forgotten. But the truth is that using the Law of Attraction works. Whether you are using it knowingly to bring both good and bad things into your life or you are consciously trying to improve your skills with the Law of Attraction.

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Either way, the Law of Attraction is working in your life. Wouldn’t you rather have it working for you instead of against you? Trying to cultivate this skill if not master it can only improve your life for the better. Just take a look at your life and decide for yourself whether you are using the Law of Attraction to help you or hinder you. Understand how the Law of Attraction works and use it to bring you the very desires of your heart starting today.

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Using The Law Of Attraction To Find Love http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/using-the-law-of-attraction-to-find-love.html http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/using-the-law-of-attraction-to-find-love.html#comments Thu, 23 Feb 2012 05:08:29 +0000 Brent http://11forgottenlawsrevieww.org/?p=99 Using The Law of Attraction to Find Love…

using the law of attraction to find loveUsing the Law of Attraction to find love has to be one of the most valuable or popular uses for the Law of Attraction. In general, we, as human beings, want more of a few specific things in life. We want more money, more happiness and more love. Most of us dream of finding that one special person that we can spend our life with. It is a basic human need… to love and be loved. So, using the Law of Attraction to find love only makes sense. After all, if we can manifest anything into our lives then why not love?

Of course, when we first consider using the Law of Attraction to find love there are many questions. I know that I wondered if it was even possible. Could I actually bring that perfect person into my life? Could I manifest my soul mate and make the stars align and ask the universe to allow our paths to cross? If I could bring her into my life, could I make her fall in love with me or would I mess things up? You might be laughing but these really were my thoughts along with many others when I first considered using the Law of Attraction to find love.

Is Using The Law Of Attraction To Find Love Even Possible?

using the law of attraction for loveWhen I first considered using the Law of Attraction to find love my faith wavered back and forth when it came to whether this would even work. After all, my track record when it came to relationships wasn’t all that great. But the hopeless romantic inside still felt that there was someone supremely exquisite and perfect out that made just for me. I held fast to the notion that using the Law of Attraction might be the way to go given that I had such terrible luck on my own. Often there was a mismatch when it came to physical attraction and chemistry or something stood in my way such as age, spiritual views or even just not finding that one person that looked at me and felt that spark like I did. Someone that would accept me the way I was instead of focusing on the surface.

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After much logical thought I came to the conclusion that if it was possible to manifest absolutely anything into my life then using the Law of Attraction to find love should be a cinch! All I had to do was follow the same guidelines that I would follow if I was hoping to bring a hundred dollars, a new lawnmower or a new friend into my life. While I felt that asking for that one special person to come into my life who would love me in a way that no other had seemed capable, I knew that using the Law of Attraction to find love was not out of the realm of possibility. So, I began to dream and use what I had learned about manifesting with this goal in mind.

Is Using The Law Of Attraction To Find Love Ethical?

the law of attraction and loveYes, the question of whether using the Law of Attraction to find love was ethical did come to mind more than once. After all, allowing nature to take its course and let things happen naturally is how most people meet their match, right? Sure, they might use dating sites or go on blind dates but is it unethical to use the Law of Attraction to find someone to love wrong? Is it somehow evil or strange to be asking the universe to deliver into your life someone that most people seem to fall across quite naturally? I have to admit that I felt weird more than once when I actually thought about using the Law of Attraction to find love.

But then I thought to myself that maybe most people were using manifesting to find their perfect match but they didn’t really know that they were doing it. Maybe people unknowingly had a picture in their mind of what that perfect person would look like, act like and think like before they met them but they didn’t really know what they were doing. Maybe by using the Law of Attraction to find love I was simply manually doing that which came to most people very naturally but I was going to be much more specific.

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Another point that I thought of was, how can you make using a natural law wrong? How could I somehow twist or pervert the use of this very natural law? The universe knows my true motives and my true desires even better than I do myself! So, there really is no way of using the Law of Attraction to find love in a way that is wrong or that will lead to finding someone that I am not really looking for.

Using The Law Of Attraction To Find Love – Final Thoughts

In the end, it all comes down to me… or you, when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to find love. If it is love that you are looking for in your life then it should be thoughts and dreams of exactly what you desire that should fill your mind. It should be the closing scene of that movie that is your life with you in a fulfilling, loving relationship, whatever that looks like to you. That is the part that is yours and yours alone when it comes to manifesting the relationship that you dream of… along with all the blissful steps along the way! Just remember that it is no all about reaching that destination when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to find love, so don’t cheat yourself out of the journey!

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